Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lady Lucy turns 2

At the end of April, (I know I KNOW I'm so behind on our blog) little Lucy turned TWO.  

Her birthday was on a Thursday, and we celebrated together at home.  That weekend Grandma and Aunt Crystal, Uncle Jack, Jackson, and Ella came to celebrate with us.  We went to the park for cupcakes and playing, most of which happened in some rain but thankfully the kiddos didn't seem bothered.  

This picture of James cracks me up...

Get it, girl!

Lucy, hard at work helping Daddy set up the new play kitchen :)

Lucy's first American Girl doll!  She loves this baby and it makes me so happy!  My American Girl things are basically the only things I have kept from my childhood and it's fun to see Lucy play with "baby".  (She refuses to name her anything else...)

Princess "har" (hugs)

I can't believe she's two years old.  My pregnancy with Lucy was really difficult and demanded a lot of me.  She was my second unmedicated birth, (the first one where I felt completely in control) and my first water birth.  She was eight days late, just like Jonny.  I love reflecting on those memories.

Lucy's favorite things at two years old:
-Frozen.  Frozen fever is strong with this one...
-Soccer balls and basketballs

She has been an absolute joy!  We love you, Lucy Anne!

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  1. I love the update!! And Rebekah. The picture of her holding the baby doll so close to her sweet little face. SHE IS YOU.