Saturday, April 9, 2016

Easter 2016

We spent Easter at my parents' house this year and it looked a little like this:

Miniature golf and a haircut for me

A trip with cousins to the National Zoo

Egg dyeing:

Church, followed by an egg hunt and dinner

We decided to take 29 home and stop in Charlottesville at UVA for dinner and to stretch our legs.  (Elspeth if you're reading this, we told it hello for you!)  We parked and promptly locked our keys in the car.  I have to say, in all our years together we have never done I guess it was time!  We ended up spending two hours there and we met a nice locksmith who ended up helping (and charging $60) us after we couldn't break into the car.  It could have been so much worse...we ate chik fil a and the kids had a lot of fun walking around the campus while we waited.  UVA is beautiful!

Not pictured: Before leaving for home on Monday, Ben had lunch with his old PWC co-workers and I got to spend time with my old friends.  It can be difficult for us to get together when we come to visit because we're usually only there for under 48 hours and we're spending time with family.  We added extra time into this trip to make sure we could see people and it was so great.  I love Greensboro so much, but I'll always miss my NoVA friends.  So many of the big transitions in my life happened there with those friends and I'll just always love them!  Ashburn women--I love your guts!