Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Abigale and Baylee's baptism

Last weekend, we drove up to New Jersey to be there at our nieces' baptism.  Abigale and Baylee are the sweetest little eight year olds and we are so glad we could be there on their special day.  

I love watching the cousins, (and second cousins in this picture) run around together.  Getting a good picture of everybody is rough though...because of the running mostly.  I have 12 on my phone and this is a compilation of some of this!

James and Tyler are the same age, and they are cut from the same cloth.  Tyler spent the night with us in the hotel Saturday night, and my heart almost exploded from the cousin cuteness.  The boys had one volume, LOUD.  They weren't really trying to yell... they were just TELLING EACH OTHER THINGS LIKE THEY HAD HEADPHONES IN.  At one point, Tyler said, "THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.  I HAVE HAPPY TEARS!".  James asked Ben and I if we could move to New Jersey to be closer to Tyler.  So good.

The kids did SO well on the drive.  Even if Jonny did wake up at midnight on the way up and unbuckle himself...

On Sunday, (Valentine's Day) we drove to my parents' house in NoVA and stopped for dinner before heading home.  They always have delicious, fancy cheeses and breads.  AND A WEGMAN'S DESSERT.  Be still my heart.  We were only there for about an hour, and we were thankful that Mr. and Mrs. Terry let us drop in.  Jonny was excited too, clearly.

My sweater would like to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

30, Flirty, and Thriving

I'M 30!  In January I bid farewell to my 20s.  A few people asked me if I'm sad about it and some joked about it being hard to turn 30.  I'm just really excited.  My twenties brought me school, independence, a husband and best friend, a career as a hair stylist, several moves in different states,
THREE BEAUTIFUL BABIES, and so much more.  I did a lot of growing, and because of that I'm pretty excited to be heading into my thirties.

I had a "30 before 30" list I wanted to accomplish before turning 30.  I did a lot of things, but I didn't get "ride a camel" checked off.  So at the very least, that will be happening...

My birthday falls on the busiest week of the year for Ben at work.  We're talking insane work hours.  He took me on a sweet date the weekend before my birthday, and my friends surprised me with a trip to a trampoline park on my birthday.  My friend Susannah even arranged for her husband to come babysit my kiddos!  She slapped a feather boa and tiara on me, took me to eat Mexican food, brought me to a room full of foam pits and trampolines, then we all met at my friend Leah's house for cake.  You was freaking awesome.  

Poor Cathy hurt her ankle within the first ten minutes of jumping, so her husband came to wheel her to safety.  The emergency room.  So sorry, (also proud!) Cathy!! 

This video is proof of one of my great talents: coordination.  I'm the one on the right that gets stuck on her head in the foam pit.  :)

Here's to being 30 and not 13!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Family Pictures

I married into a family of very talented people, and between the six Stay children and their spouses, I have a pretty sweet group of talents that bless my life.  My SIL Megan is a photographer, and I love her (and her work!!) dearly!  The last time we had family photos taken was when Jonny was only five months old, and they were taken by Megan.  She and her family flew to NC this Christmas, so you know we took pictures!  Megan makes her subjects feel comfortable and I just really love her photos.  If you are in Las Vegas or UT and looking for a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Megan.  Feast your eyes on some of her beautiful work: (website)  (blog) are one million pictures of us!

In front of our house in December, hence the Christmas garlands

Ben and I have to laugh at this  bcause it's pretty typical for Jonny to try and wedge himself in between our hugs and kisses.  Jonny's philosophy is, "If Mommy is giving a hug, she must have been trying to hug me and she missed.  I'll go help her."

Lady Lucy was starting a very long teething/cold cycle, so she wasn't feeling great that morning.  Daddy snuggles always cheer her up though :)

These next four should be viewed with Weezer playing in your head... 
"I hope you believe me 'cause I speak sincerely and I mean it when I tell you that I need you.  You're my best friend and I love you, and I love you, yes I do."

There are a lot more...I'll resist the urge to post all of them.  :) These people make my heart happy!