Sunday, November 15, 2015

ReBenjikah Take Cancun

Last week Ben and I were able to take our first trip together away from the kids.  We spent five nights in Cancun and it was dreamy.  We relaxed at the beach and pool, went snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, had amazing meals, spent a day visiting Chichen Itza-this was absolutely amazing, swam in a cenote, visited Valladolid, worked out together, and shopped at Market 28.  We read books, slept in...and spent a lot of time kissing.  I really love kissing Handsome Ben.  :)

Now here are (SO MANY) pictures from our trip:

 We had some transportation issues on the way to Chichen Itza, (van door wouldn't close) and I appreciated the simplicity of this fix...

Each day when we woke up to this I thought, "OHMYGOSH!!!!!  IT'S STILL HERE!  IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!"

Our hotel had an infinity pool that ran into the beach and there were usually people resting on the edge looking out at the beautiful, blue ocean.  I told Ben I felt like running down the line high-fiving everybody and yelling, "YOU GUYS LOOK!  THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL!  YOU GUYS WE ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOOK AT THAT OCEAN!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!"  
I'm thankful for the beautiful Earth we get to enjoy.  What a gift.
My mother-in-law stayed with our kiddos, and I feel like I can never thank her enough.  What an incredible service.  To watch over and love someone's precious children for several days and nights is no small task and I felt so at peace knowing Jennifer was in my home doing just that.  I cried when we left for the airport, not because I wasn't excited for the trip but because I was full of emotion leaving the kids and knowing Jennifer loves them so much.  Heartsqueeze.
Spending several days and nights with my favorite human and very best friend without a care in the world was so wonderful.  I loved being able to hold his hand all the time-so often my hands are holding tiny hands and Ben and I don't get to just hold each other without interruption.  It was also a perfect time for self-reflection and goal setting.  Bring it on, life!
If you made it to the end of this post, we are probably related.  Hi, Mom.  I love you too.


  1. You guys look amazing!! Such a cute couple :) and what a refreshing, beautiful experience. Love you.

  2. I made it to the bottom! High five to that!

    (And Jayce did too!!)