Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stays take IKEA

I have recently become obsessed with IKEA.  The place sells cheap furniture/everything AND meatballs!?! (Where have you been all my life?)  

This is how Jonny and Mommy do IKEA:

This is how James feels about IKEA:

Also this:

How Daddy and James do IKEA:

Until next time...after all of our cheap IKEA stuff has fallen apart...

Stays roll out!


  1. LOL! IKEA is awesome! I remember going there as a kid and my parents would drop us off at the little daycare place (do they even have those anymore?) and then they would shop for hours! As an adult I've only been there a few times to shop and get meatballs. Totally great!

  2. I love Ikea too! It's awesome! And Charlotte does Ikea playing in the kid room section :)

  3. James laying down everywhere is killing me.