Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stays take IKEA

I have recently become obsessed with IKEA.  The place sells cheap furniture/everything AND meatballs!?! (Where have you been all my life?)  

This is how Jonny and Mommy do IKEA:

This is how James feels about IKEA:

Also this:

How Daddy and James do IKEA:

Until next time...after all of our cheap IKEA stuff has fallen apart...

Stays roll out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New York

Ben had a business meeting in NYC, so I decided the boys and I should tag along.  We drove up, (stopping in New Jersey for a Mugleston visit-always awesome!) and we spent the night with this view:

The next morning, Ben left for work and the boys and I hit the street.  (And the subway--James loved it.)  I had wanted to go to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty so badly, but they're closed due to damage from hurricane Sandy.  Since my plan was a no go, we went for a ride on the (FREE!) Staten Island Ferry instead.  It took us past the Statue of Liberty, which we loved.  Someday we'll really make it there.

A boy and a lady:

Once we made it back to Times Square, we wandered around for a while.  The highlight of the trip for James was the Toys R Us store.  We rode the ferris wheel, with Buzz Lightyear, no less!  Hoo-rah!

Watching James run around the store with wide eyes and excitement for all the comic book toys was so fun for me.  James is totally obsessed with Spider-man, but he also loves the Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America.  He was so super excited about all the toys and displays, I thought Mr. James boy might just pass right out.


double high fives for a friend :)

It started snowing while we were in Times Square, so we kind of spent a lot of time in Toys R Us and the Disney store, but we were totally cool with that.  :)

On the list for next time:
-9/11 Memorial
-a stop at Liquiteria
-Ellis Island (oh please oh please!)

Until next time, New York!  

p.s-Jonny is in no photos because he spent the entire day snuggled up to me in the baby carrier.  Loved it!