Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Play dough and planking

We make play-dough a lot because it's a cheap, easy activity to do.  I use a recipe from a friend that requires you to cook the mixture for a minute.  The kids love blowing on it to cool it off right after I dump it out onto the counter.  I have no idea why they think this part is so fun, but I love it because it's so funny to watch.  I need to take video of them next time, but here are a couple pictures:

This one is my favorite.  Savannah was trying so hard to cool off the play-dough that she started planking while blowing.  I promise I did not pose her at all.  It was...amazing.  :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mommy trip to UT

In April I took a quick little trip to visit Utah.  We had a free ticket, so it was a nice little getaway!  First we went to Sarah's in-law's cabin in Heber.  It was....faaaaar away from everything, which made it perfect.  It was snowy up there and we wanted to take a walk, so we had to bundle up sweet Cam Cham.  ("I can't put my arms down!")

 It was sooo beautiful!
 Then we visited Auntie BEV!  She is our great aunt and she is the funniest lady I know.  Nobody is cooler than Bev.
 I really wanted to go down to Provo, and Crystal and Jack were amazing enough to let me crash at their apartment for a night and hang out with me, even though they were finishing up finals.  (Love you guys!!)  While in Provo, I mostly wanted to go see places that I loved going when I was a student.  I drove/walked around and saw the places I'd lived, places Ben and I had spent time, blah blah...and I loved it!  I'll always love you, Provo. 

This is the house we lived in while finishing school, and the first home James ever knew.  It was old and strange and built in the 1950's and we loved it.  Piece of really old junk.  :)
Ben carved our initials in this tree, and even though nobody else would be able to spot them...I was super excited to see them.
This is the Brown House, where Ben and his buddies lived while we were dating.  Good group of guys, great friends, great memories.  Love ya, Brown Housers. 
This was my first aparetment in Provo, and I had to go by and see it!  Made me think about all of the stupid things we used to do, I missed my girls so much!  MANSION 11 HOES FOR LIFE!  Love you, ladies!
 I used to hike the Y all the time when I lived in Provo, but I was 27 weeks pregnant and kind of feeling crummy so I didn't go for it this time.  I did, however, make Crystal drive me to the parking lot so I could take a minute to look out at the view.  Thanks, girlfriend!

I can't lie, I was excited to leave Provo and move on when we did, but I've missed it and I'll always love going back and remembering all of the crazy things that happened. 

It was such a fun trip, and family was so kind to let me barge in on them!  Thank you, Porters and Farrells!  Things I didn't get pictures of: SUB ZERO!!  COSTA VIDA!  BYU BOOKSTORE!  Amazing.