Saturday, March 10, 2012

Halloween 2011 pt 2

James was a strong man this year for Halloween! I don't know why I think mustaches and spandex are so funny, I can't help it. Also, I figure I should do as many embarassing costumes as I can while he's too young to tell me no. :) I just dyed a unitard black, added a strip of leopard fabric for the belt, and bought a muscle shirt to go underneath the unitard. Also, a middle part. Enjoy!
Post trick or treating:

pre trick or treating:

I love this video from our ward trunk or treat because James looks sooooo confused.

I love Halloween, mustaches, and spandex. Happy Halloween in March! Sorry our blog is not very up to date!

p.s-clearly Ben cannot say no to me either, as I made him dress up as a lion tamer with a mustache. He's a good sport, love that man!

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