Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Stay is expanding :)

We're having another baby! We're welcoming baby BOY #2 in July, (due July 16th) and couldn't be happier! I'm 22 weeks along right now and life is good. We kept it to ourselves for a little while for a few different reasons, (we told parents two weeks ago) but we're so happy to share it! After I had James, I told Ben that while I was thrilled to be able to hold my little one, I felt a little lonely in my body...(weird?) Now that I can feel this little one moving around and entertaining me it's amazing. We love him. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have so many pictures on our computer that I love so much and always mean to post on the blog but never do. Since each one is never going to have it's own post, here is one huge picture overload:

Dunkin' Donuts!


Children's museum in Harrisonburg, VA! James driving an ambulance...
and trying to figure out how to milk this fake cow...

With the Meldrums in Boston!

Boston Common
Running around at Lexington and Concord

So good to see the Meldrums again!!

James turned two in Boston, this is Grandma Stay's cute birthday clown. I LOVE this picture!

Easter in Boston

This picture is so old, but this is a pretty good example of what happens when I ask James to smile for the camera :)
James and Avery just drivin
Old picture of my guys

Halloween 2011 pt 2

James was a strong man this year for Halloween! I don't know why I think mustaches and spandex are so funny, I can't help it. Also, I figure I should do as many embarassing costumes as I can while he's too young to tell me no. :) I just dyed a unitard black, added a strip of leopard fabric for the belt, and bought a muscle shirt to go underneath the unitard. Also, a middle part. Enjoy!
Post trick or treating:

pre trick or treating:

I love this video from our ward trunk or treat because James looks sooooo confused.

I love Halloween, mustaches, and spandex. Happy Halloween in March! Sorry our blog is not very up to date!

p.s-clearly Ben cannot say no to me either, as I made him dress up as a lion tamer with a mustache. He's a good sport, love that man!