Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dirty Sneaky Dirty (CUTE!) Raccoons

Ben had a Scout campout last night, and I was spending the evening getting crafty. It's always creepy when Ben isn't home, and around midnight I got really scared because I heard someone rummaging around our backyard/on our back steps. Turned out it was just a bunch of raccoons. I was so mad at them for scaring me so badly, but I must have watched them for a solid 20 minutes. I took some video because I didn't think Ben would believe me. I was so grossed out that they were touching all of our stuff and running around our backyard, last night I was 200% positive that we would get rabies if we used our backyard again. When I showed the video to Ben this morning, I decided they are the cutest dirty things in the world and I love them. I'm ready to adopt.

Funny how some sunshine and Benjamin change the way I see things. I even likened them to velociraptors at one point last night, and I had my cell phone in my hand (with 911 dialed and ready to press send) because I was certain a 7 foot man with a weapon was in my yard.

p.s-Someday I will post normal things about the actual interesting stuff that we do!


  1. I love them! You know my family used to call me raccoon eyes.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that freaks out when my hubby is gone. Actually I freak out even when he is home. There is just something about night that makes me irrational. I feel like every noise is a giant man coming to get me! hahah I'm glad the sun brings sanity too :)

  3. Haha- that is so funny! I am totally the same, I guess I have watched too many CSI shows! The raccoons actually are kinda cute:)

  4. Post the real things, but please don't stop posting these either! :-) Who would have thought dirty dirty dirty sneaky raccoons would be so cute?