Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bob the Builder


James ran in circles singing, "Bob the Builder!" for a rrrrrrreally long time today. It was awesome. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

First ER Trip...this will be long :)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to take James to the ER. (Before you panic-this is not a big deal.) There is a little playground right by our grocery store, and I decided to stop there last minute before running to in for groceries. James fell off the play set and smacked his face right into a plaster suitcase on the ground. (The playground has an airplane theme.)

I immediately scooped him up and saw that I might have a problem. Another mom handed me her baby's burp cloth for the blood and someone else handed me frozen vegetables she had just purchased before stopping by the playground. I couldn't get James to keep the vegetables on his lip, so I tried running through the checklist of things I remembered from first aid training. Haha. One of the moms there was a nurse, and she said I should go ahead and take him to the ER. I gave back the now bloody bag of veggies and completely blood-soaked burp cloth and off I went. (I'm sure those moms threw those out. Ew.)

I stopped by Urgent Care first, because according to their website, they take care of stitches. I walked in and immediately thought something was wrong, because everybody freaked out. Granted, I walked in with a bloody-faced toddler that was screaming and bleeding all over my shoulder...but I kind of thought kids falling and biting their lips should have been pretty standard for them. After kind of yelling at someone behind a desk to hustle, a nurse took me back. She panicked and said she needed to go get somebody else. The next woman comes into the room and tells me that he is going to need surgery to remove a hematoma from his lowerlip and stitches for sure. She said I needed to drive him to the ER, and they wouldn't be charging me. (To which I thought, "GOOD because you didn't DO ANYTHING.") Needless to say, I was not a fan.

On the drive to the ER, James went from screaming to almost immediate silence. When I looked at him, he was slumped over in his carseat with his eyes closed. I had checked his pupils at the playground and they were fine, but I felt really uncomfortable with him sleeping, so I started screaming his name every few seconds. At one point I called my SIL to tell her what was going on, and ask for advice...largely because I was freaking out because he was so hard to wake up.

I get to the ER, and the doctor said he bit his lower lip pretty deep and his gums had some swelling/bleeding, but he wouldn't need stitches. Just popsicles and antibiotics. (YAY!!) I was so happy. Take THAT, Urgent Care. He did order a CT scan, because he was concerned about James behavior when we first arrived. He was still being a bit unresponsive. He also wanted to make sure he hadn't damages his hard palate. The lady that gave him the CT scan asked me if he would lay down in the machine completely still for five minutes straight. Um no. They strapped him into a straight jacket thing and started, while I was trying everything in my power to calm him down. He kept screaming, "STUCK IN THE BED!!" and "MOMMY PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!"...After several minutes of failure, a book from my purse did the trick.

His tests came back fine, and after several hours...we came home. I guess he was just super tired from screaming his little heart out. And James ate 3678 popsicles. His lip took a while to...deflate. It had been so puffy that when he would scream, only half of his mouth looked open. It really freaked me out. When we left, the doctor said, "I'm sure I'll see you again, you have a boy."

Sometimes when I'm washing his face after meals he will tell me to be soft because of his boo boo...still trying to milk it. :) He was so awesome through the whole thing, we spent a loooong time waiting there for the results of the CT scan. We set up all of James' farm animals and snuggled on the little bed. He totally loved all of the attention from the nurses.

Now that I have written you a novel about my kid's first trip to the ER.....enjoy your weekend! James and I are heading out now to our community yardsale, and Ben is still at a Scout campout. Happy Saturday!