Tuesday, July 12, 2011

National Zoo

A few weeks ago, we took James to the National Zoo. He has porcupines in a Noah's Arc set and loves them. Out of all the animals we talked about seeing before going to the zoo, he kept asking to see porcupines. Our video camera ran out of batteries by the time we made it to the porcupine, but I did get a video of him asking to see porcupines over the awesome tiger. In case you don't speak James, he says, "See some more porcupines? Go see some more."


  1. The still of the video was of a girl in a tank top and I was like, that isn't my raspberry is it? well, thankfully you were behind the camera and not that lady in the tank top.
    Also, James is soooo adorable. Also, I want to see you:)

  2. James is so adorable! We miss you guys!