Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here's to you Moms!

Today is a special day, and I never really know how to celebrate it properly. How can you really show sufficient appreciation to the mother of your child, the woman who gave birth to you, or even the woman who raised the most wonderful girl in the world? Really, mothers today do not get enough credit for what they do, so here's my attempt to at least highlight some of the great things about the mothers in my life:

1) The most beautiful and wonderful mother in the world:

My Rebekah has never wanted anything more than to be a mother. She feels and knows that is her true calling in life, and she is great at it. This is the girl who keeps our family running and has made sure we do not fall apart. She is the queen of budgets, coupons, and the kitchen; she is James' favorite playmate and my best friend; she is a master of home remodeling and has already remodeled a fantastic salon, our basement, our living room, furniture, and is in the process of remodeling our entire kitchen - de-wallpapering, sanding, staining, spackling, and painting all by herself. She is smoking hot! Somehow she manages to make our delicious meals, keep our house orderly, remodel the house, take care of James, be a top notch hair stylist, and be a loving, caring wife all within a day. Let's face it, she puts up with me on a daily basis which is a large feat all by itself and still manages to constantly show me and tell me she loves me. Are we spoiled to have her on Team Stay? Yes. Do I know how she does it? No, I still have no clue. In a place where most people define themselves by their profession, I am proud to say that my wife has the hardest job in the world and she is the best at it. Here's to you love of my life! You truly are the best mother in the world! We do not deserve you but we are so very lucky we have you.

2. The best mother I ever had:

It is not easy to raise a Stay, let alone be married to one. My mother raised six kids, all of whom are healthy and happy. For a number of years she was practically on her own raising us when work took my dad away on business for a couple of weeks out of every month. My mom taught me to be practical, to "get off my duff", to clean and cook, to take care of myself, to always see the other side in an argument or debate, to "not be bothered", to love the Red Sox and Patriots, to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and His church, to remain optimistic regardless of the circumstances, to live on a budget, to camp in style, to do more with less, to question things that are not right, and to always keep a happy attitude. It seems like nothing ever phases her and she is always happy. My attitude towards life and the world around me largely comes from her, and as I get older, I see more and more the strong woman that she is and all she sacrificed to be the best mom I could have ever had. Here's to you Mom! I do not know how you survived the six kids you were given in this life, but I think the Lord knew the great mom they were going to have who could do better than anyone else at making us who we are today. Maybe you're getting at least some reward with all of these grandchildren you have that think the world of you.

3. The mother who raised the love of my life

My wife is great, and so much of that is thanks to the woman who gave her life in Bern, Switzerland years ago. She carried four children across the world where she had to quickly adapt to new and often scary circumstances though her children never knew it because she was so great at being a loving, protecting mother. She even had to evacuate a country with those children and leave her husband for 6 months while she took care of them on her own back in the US. Truly a strong and courageous woman! She raised her children with a love of history, culture, and people, managed to be both a school teacher and full time mom, and continues to be a wonderful and loving grandmother to my son. She has also welcomed me into her family and has always been very kind and loving to me. Here's to you Mom Terry! Thank you for raising such a great family and allowing me to be a part of it.

Happy Mother's Day!