Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate & Will 4Eva

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? You can bet your buns I woke up bright and early! You know I had to be there for my BFF Kate! I have had a mild obsession with her since they got engaged, plus I love two people in love making the choice to get married and ride off into the sunset. Ben and I rode off in a Toyota, the royal couple in a carriage, followed by an Aston Martin. Pretty similar, really.

Call me crazy, but my Mom got up early to watch when Charles and Diana were married and I was not going to miss the wedding this morning. I loved it!! I've heard it said that all the fuss is silly and even that it is un-American to wake up just to watch them wed, but I say hooray for love. I was happy to see something joyful on the news and watch a happy part of history unfold.

This dress will be in my dreams forever! I thought it was perfect. Every time I'm shopping I think to myself, "Would Kate Middleton wear this?" The answer is always NO, because I don't think she shops the clearance rack at Target, but whatever. I'm just happy she's keeping it classy.

Today was a happy day, I got yard work done, sanding done, a haircut done, (Sarah H if you're reading this, it was Elizabeth!) people celebrated love, and Ben got home before 5. 5:00, people! I loved it. Goodnight!


  1. I loved the wedding too, and my 3 year old did too! She made me pause it twice while she went to the bathroom, because she didn't want to miss a thing!

  2. I wish I had gotten up early to watch it- I'm kicking myself because I didn't! I tried to catch up when I got up at 6:30, but it wasn't the same. Basically I don't know why my wedding dress didn't look like that- and then I remember that I bought my dress of the sale rack...and I need to schedule my next hair cut, I'll be back in Ashburn at the end of June- you pretty much gave me my favorite hair cut ever.