Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate & Will 4Eva

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? You can bet your buns I woke up bright and early! You know I had to be there for my BFF Kate! I have had a mild obsession with her since they got engaged, plus I love two people in love making the choice to get married and ride off into the sunset. Ben and I rode off in a Toyota, the royal couple in a carriage, followed by an Aston Martin. Pretty similar, really.

Call me crazy, but my Mom got up early to watch when Charles and Diana were married and I was not going to miss the wedding this morning. I loved it!! I've heard it said that all the fuss is silly and even that it is un-American to wake up just to watch them wed, but I say hooray for love. I was happy to see something joyful on the news and watch a happy part of history unfold.

This dress will be in my dreams forever! I thought it was perfect. Every time I'm shopping I think to myself, "Would Kate Middleton wear this?" The answer is always NO, because I don't think she shops the clearance rack at Target, but whatever. I'm just happy she's keeping it classy.

Today was a happy day, I got yard work done, sanding done, a haircut done, (Sarah H if you're reading this, it was Elizabeth!) people celebrated love, and Ben got home before 5. 5:00, people! I loved it. Goodnight!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stay Family Current Events

Here is the low down on what we're up to these days. Be warned-we are boring!

Benjamin:-Ben is working loads of hours right now, which nobody loves, but even when he gets home late and doesn't get to hang out with James at all and he's tired and still has to get up really early and do it all over again...he hasn't complained or been cranky. Not even once. :)

-Ben has been doing all sorts of handy-man things, which I find very attractive! Haha...he's learning a ton on his own and we have skilled family members in loads of different areas, (which helps) and I'm so proud of him for sticking it out. Most of the time I watch him and think, "how is he not frustrated and crying yet?" ...because that's probably what I would be doing.

-Ben has a new car! Yes,ladies and gentlemen, the Stays are a TWO CAR FAMILY now. It is kiiiind of super old, and you would laugh at what we paid for it, but he knows the previous owner and we know it has been well taken care of. It's been a huge blessing to have two cars this busy season. Most of the year Ben rides the bus to work, but with busy season he needs a car. I'm so happy not to be stuck without a car this go around!

-Ben is loving his Daddy role. I have to excuse myself to find some weakness tissue to dry my eyes quite often because I think it's so touching to watch the two of them bond. One of my favorite things to do is sit and watch the two of them play. I love them both so much.

-Ben is serving as the Asisstant Young Men's Advisor (or something) and gets to work with the Priests in our ward. (The 16-18 year old boys.) It means a lot to him to do a good job. And he is.

-GOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLF! Warmer weather is rolling in, and the green is calling Ben's name!

-I'm having a lot of fun working on this townhouse of ours. I can't believe we've never posted any pictures of it. I'll try to get on that. Right now I'm working on our kitchen. Wall paper removal proved to be trickier than killing Lord Voldemort, but I'm in the clear now. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I turned a room in my basement into a salon, so I do hair while James is sleeping or with a babysitter. I LOVE it so much. Still one of the best choices I've ever made.

-I'm the ward librarian and an activity days leader, which is SO FUN. I love it. I'm in the library with one of my dear friends, Ie Li Z. FYI-it actually does NOT help to kick and wish an evil death upon the copy machine when it jams. For any Virginians reading this, Sr Schiraldi (you know her as Sr Allred) is my Activity Day partner, I'm LOVING IT!! She is just so amazing.

-I am in love with my husband, and I love my son. I feel like I don't have adequate words to tell you how much.


-It breaks my heart and fills it at the same time, but he's going to be two at the end of May. I just want to know who pressed the fast forward button on my life.

-James talks SO MUCH. I'm always amazed by the things he can remember.

-If you ask him what song he wants to sing, he will almost always say, "I am child God!". He's also a big twinkle twinkle fan. My favorite is when he makes the diamond with his little fingers.

-James loves to dance around the kitchen with me while listening to Glee music and Justin Bieber. So cultured at such a young age. :)

-He's started pointing out his emotions, which just makes me laugh. Sometimes when he cries he'll say, "saaaaaad" or he'll say, "scared!"

-These are a few of James' favorite things:
-garbage trucks...garbage days are a huge deal in this house
-firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars...if we hear sirens James gets very quiet and whispers one of the three with reverence and respect :) It cracks me up
-FedEx (feggex) and UPS(GPS)
-grapes and strawberries, he generally always remembers to say please when these things are on the table
-vacuum cleaners...this is a long time obsession and if we are at Target or Wal Mart he always asks to go see the vacuums. When we get to the Vacuum area he just says, "whoa."

That was a lot. Oh well! I hope everybody has a happy Monday.