Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here are some pictures!

This isn't a post about anything, just proof that we're alive. :) Here are some pictures:

Heathen James:

Heartbroken when we had to come inside.

James still has blue eyes, maybe they'll change, maybe not.

Sledding in Boston-James is not a fan.

(I am in love.)

Love that little James-boy profile!

These range from November to now. I'll try to get better about putting up photos and STEAM STAYS updates!


  1. I like having proof that you guys are alive, life just wouldn't be as fun without Steam Stays.

    Also, I love ALL of these. :-) Every time Jayce and I look at the one of James reading a book on your bed we bust a gut--the face, the book, the crossed legs, I can hardly stand it! Your family is so stinking cute!