Thursday, January 6, 2011

My good friends at Poison Control

I've called Poison Control twice since James has been with us, the second time being yesterday morning. James came up to me saying, "yummy?" like he had put something in his mouth and was starting to rethink it. He was moving his tongue around and I was worried he had found a bug and tried to eat it or something. When I knelt down I noticed a coating of something white-ish on his lip, and then I realized that he had a half empty tube of super glue in his hand. It had been completely full, and upon further inspection, I saw that James had indeed pumped half of a tube of super glue into his mouth. His tongue had a hard coating on it and I could feel it on several of his teeth. Nothing was stuck together though. We don't have internet this week because we're switching providers, (right now I'm using it via Ben's phone) and I didn't have the number to poison control saved into my phone. (I do now...two times needing it finally got me to just program it in.) I called Ben at work and said, "wfinqw!@&^sidINEEDYOUTOLOOKUPTHENUMBERFORPOISONCONTROLoiwjf!!!!#(*& I called and explained, and a very nice man calmy told me that it was no big deal and I didn't need to worry. I just needed to put olive oil on his toothbrush and gently rub the glue off. He assured me that swallowing some would not harm him, he just might have some irritation on his skin. It came off easily and I guess I believed the man when he told me for the 57th time that no harm would come from swallowing some.

What's that, you ask? Don't I watch my child? Yes! He's juuust that good. I had been tickling him seconds before he brought me the bottle. Seconds in which he found the bottle, punctured it with his teeth and squeezed it into his mouth...and then decided he didn't like it but couldn't get it out. He's like a ninja, that one. Speed and stealth.

Has anybody else had to call poison control? Or am I the only one?

So now you know...if your kid eats super glue...olive oil and a toothbrush. Works miracles. Mostly though...just try not to let your kid eat super glue. :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh my heavens! So scary! And he IS a total ninja.

  2. That's crazy!! I'm glad he is okay!!

  3. Amen! Once I knew he was fine I mostly just thought it was really funny though. It made me laugh. :)

  4. Also...that was posted by Rebekah, I was logged on under Ben's name.

  5. Haha, that is so funny! Definitely sounds like a ninja to me :)