Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Archuleta? Made me cry?

I saw this video earlier on facebook and burst into tears when he did. Here is what I know about David Archuleta:

-from UT
-American Idol...but I'm pretty sure he didn't win...?

And still I cried! I'm going to be so embarassing to my kids! I loved seeing a sweet boy make a tough choice, but one that will make his life better.

This made me happy. You go, Glen Coco.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Joisey

In September, we drove to New Jersey to spend the weekend with Ben's sister and family. We got to meet our newest little nephew and attend his blessing. I have to say, I have adorable nieces and nephews. Seriously, people. They are CUTE! When I was dating Ben I used to tell him I was in it for his brother's kids. We've been blessed with lots of new nieces and nephews since then, and little Sam is perfection, just like the rest.

While we were there, we went to the Jersey Shore and it was SO FUN. It's also the only thing I got any pictures of, which I'm so sad about!

I have been dying to try a deep-friend twinkie ever since Mysti told me about them a few years ago...and my dream finally became a reality. Oh.my.GOSH. It was AMAZING!! I can now cross "deep fried twinkie" off my bucket list.

It turns out James loves the beach, he had so much fun! I can't wait for summer to come back.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Virginia Day of Service

September 24th was the Virginia Day of Service, so we went out with our church and picked up trash in our area. Here are a couple of pictures!

Aren't my Stay men cute?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dirty Sneaky Dirty (CUTE!) Raccoons

Ben had a Scout campout last night, and I was spending the evening getting crafty. It's always creepy when Ben isn't home, and around midnight I got really scared because I heard someone rummaging around our backyard/on our back steps. Turned out it was just a bunch of raccoons. I was so mad at them for scaring me so badly, but I must have watched them for a solid 20 minutes. I took some video because I didn't think Ben would believe me. I was so grossed out that they were touching all of our stuff and running around our backyard, last night I was 200% positive that we would get rabies if we used our backyard again. When I showed the video to Ben this morning, I decided they are the cutest dirty things in the world and I love them. I'm ready to adopt.

Funny how some sunshine and Benjamin change the way I see things. I even likened them to velociraptors at one point last night, and I had my cell phone in my hand (with 911 dialed and ready to press send) because I was certain a 7 foot man with a weapon was in my yard.

p.s-Someday I will post normal things about the actual interesting stuff that we do!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bob the Builder


James ran in circles singing, "Bob the Builder!" for a rrrrrrreally long time today. It was awesome. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

First ER Trip...this will be long :)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to take James to the ER. (Before you panic-this is not a big deal.) There is a little playground right by our grocery store, and I decided to stop there last minute before running to in for groceries. James fell off the play set and smacked his face right into a plaster suitcase on the ground. (The playground has an airplane theme.)

I immediately scooped him up and saw that I might have a problem. Another mom handed me her baby's burp cloth for the blood and someone else handed me frozen vegetables she had just purchased before stopping by the playground. I couldn't get James to keep the vegetables on his lip, so I tried running through the checklist of things I remembered from first aid training. Haha. One of the moms there was a nurse, and she said I should go ahead and take him to the ER. I gave back the now bloody bag of veggies and completely blood-soaked burp cloth and off I went. (I'm sure those moms threw those out. Ew.)

I stopped by Urgent Care first, because according to their website, they take care of stitches. I walked in and immediately thought something was wrong, because everybody freaked out. Granted, I walked in with a bloody-faced toddler that was screaming and bleeding all over my shoulder...but I kind of thought kids falling and biting their lips should have been pretty standard for them. After kind of yelling at someone behind a desk to hustle, a nurse took me back. She panicked and said she needed to go get somebody else. The next woman comes into the room and tells me that he is going to need surgery to remove a hematoma from his lowerlip and stitches for sure. She said I needed to drive him to the ER, and they wouldn't be charging me. (To which I thought, "GOOD because you didn't DO ANYTHING.") Needless to say, I was not a fan.

On the drive to the ER, James went from screaming to almost immediate silence. When I looked at him, he was slumped over in his carseat with his eyes closed. I had checked his pupils at the playground and they were fine, but I felt really uncomfortable with him sleeping, so I started screaming his name every few seconds. At one point I called my SIL to tell her what was going on, and ask for advice...largely because I was freaking out because he was so hard to wake up.

I get to the ER, and the doctor said he bit his lower lip pretty deep and his gums had some swelling/bleeding, but he wouldn't need stitches. Just popsicles and antibiotics. (YAY!!) I was so happy. Take THAT, Urgent Care. He did order a CT scan, because he was concerned about James behavior when we first arrived. He was still being a bit unresponsive. He also wanted to make sure he hadn't damages his hard palate. The lady that gave him the CT scan asked me if he would lay down in the machine completely still for five minutes straight. Um no. They strapped him into a straight jacket thing and started, while I was trying everything in my power to calm him down. He kept screaming, "STUCK IN THE BED!!" and "MOMMY PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!"...After several minutes of failure, a book from my purse did the trick.

His tests came back fine, and after several hours...we came home. I guess he was just super tired from screaming his little heart out. And James ate 3678 popsicles. His lip took a while to...deflate. It had been so puffy that when he would scream, only half of his mouth looked open. It really freaked me out. When we left, the doctor said, "I'm sure I'll see you again, you have a boy."

Sometimes when I'm washing his face after meals he will tell me to be soft because of his boo boo...still trying to milk it. :) He was so awesome through the whole thing, we spent a loooong time waiting there for the results of the CT scan. We set up all of James' farm animals and snuggled on the little bed. He totally loved all of the attention from the nurses.

Now that I have written you a novel about my kid's first trip to the ER.....enjoy your weekend! James and I are heading out now to our community yardsale, and Ben is still at a Scout campout. Happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Meldrums and Cooties

Over Memorial Day, we had an awesome vacation with the Meldrum's up to Boston. The Meldrums are much better about documenting their lives than we are, so you can see more about the trip here (thanks for letting us mooch off your post!). We loved getting to spend the long weekend with them, and I am looking forward to the boy's weekend Brett and I will be having in August while his ladies are away--comic book movies, rock and roll, and fatty food!

James learned something new on this trip though despite Avery's contagious smile and playful laugh...girls have cooties!

We thought that maybe he had learned better after he had spent the day with Avery, but apparently not.

By the end, I think he might have gotten it figured out.

Thanks for meeting up with us Meldrums!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Booty Shaker

Another video, this one demonstrating James' sweet dance moves. He's going to pick up a lot of ladies with these, I just know it. This video was taken a little bit before Easter, and I already feel like he's so different. Don't worry though, his dance moves only get smoother with age. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

National Zoo

A few weeks ago, we took James to the National Zoo. He has porcupines in a Noah's Arc set and loves them. Out of all the animals we talked about seeing before going to the zoo, he kept asking to see porcupines. Our video camera ran out of batteries by the time we made it to the porcupine, but I did get a video of him asking to see porcupines over the awesome tiger. In case you don't speak James, he says, "See some more porcupines? Go see some more."

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here's to you Moms!

Today is a special day, and I never really know how to celebrate it properly. How can you really show sufficient appreciation to the mother of your child, the woman who gave birth to you, or even the woman who raised the most wonderful girl in the world? Really, mothers today do not get enough credit for what they do, so here's my attempt to at least highlight some of the great things about the mothers in my life:

1) The most beautiful and wonderful mother in the world:

My Rebekah has never wanted anything more than to be a mother. She feels and knows that is her true calling in life, and she is great at it. This is the girl who keeps our family running and has made sure we do not fall apart. She is the queen of budgets, coupons, and the kitchen; she is James' favorite playmate and my best friend; she is a master of home remodeling and has already remodeled a fantastic salon, our basement, our living room, furniture, and is in the process of remodeling our entire kitchen - de-wallpapering, sanding, staining, spackling, and painting all by herself. She is smoking hot! Somehow she manages to make our delicious meals, keep our house orderly, remodel the house, take care of James, be a top notch hair stylist, and be a loving, caring wife all within a day. Let's face it, she puts up with me on a daily basis which is a large feat all by itself and still manages to constantly show me and tell me she loves me. Are we spoiled to have her on Team Stay? Yes. Do I know how she does it? No, I still have no clue. In a place where most people define themselves by their profession, I am proud to say that my wife has the hardest job in the world and she is the best at it. Here's to you love of my life! You truly are the best mother in the world! We do not deserve you but we are so very lucky we have you.

2. The best mother I ever had:

It is not easy to raise a Stay, let alone be married to one. My mother raised six kids, all of whom are healthy and happy. For a number of years she was practically on her own raising us when work took my dad away on business for a couple of weeks out of every month. My mom taught me to be practical, to "get off my duff", to clean and cook, to take care of myself, to always see the other side in an argument or debate, to "not be bothered", to love the Red Sox and Patriots, to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and His church, to remain optimistic regardless of the circumstances, to live on a budget, to camp in style, to do more with less, to question things that are not right, and to always keep a happy attitude. It seems like nothing ever phases her and she is always happy. My attitude towards life and the world around me largely comes from her, and as I get older, I see more and more the strong woman that she is and all she sacrificed to be the best mom I could have ever had. Here's to you Mom! I do not know how you survived the six kids you were given in this life, but I think the Lord knew the great mom they were going to have who could do better than anyone else at making us who we are today. Maybe you're getting at least some reward with all of these grandchildren you have that think the world of you.

3. The mother who raised the love of my life

My wife is great, and so much of that is thanks to the woman who gave her life in Bern, Switzerland years ago. She carried four children across the world where she had to quickly adapt to new and often scary circumstances though her children never knew it because she was so great at being a loving, protecting mother. She even had to evacuate a country with those children and leave her husband for 6 months while she took care of them on her own back in the US. Truly a strong and courageous woman! She raised her children with a love of history, culture, and people, managed to be both a school teacher and full time mom, and continues to be a wonderful and loving grandmother to my son. She has also welcomed me into her family and has always been very kind and loving to me. Here's to you Mom Terry! Thank you for raising such a great family and allowing me to be a part of it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate & Will 4Eva

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? You can bet your buns I woke up bright and early! You know I had to be there for my BFF Kate! I have had a mild obsession with her since they got engaged, plus I love two people in love making the choice to get married and ride off into the sunset. Ben and I rode off in a Toyota, the royal couple in a carriage, followed by an Aston Martin. Pretty similar, really.

Call me crazy, but my Mom got up early to watch when Charles and Diana were married and I was not going to miss the wedding this morning. I loved it!! I've heard it said that all the fuss is silly and even that it is un-American to wake up just to watch them wed, but I say hooray for love. I was happy to see something joyful on the news and watch a happy part of history unfold.

This dress will be in my dreams forever! I thought it was perfect. Every time I'm shopping I think to myself, "Would Kate Middleton wear this?" The answer is always NO, because I don't think she shops the clearance rack at Target, but whatever. I'm just happy she's keeping it classy.

Today was a happy day, I got yard work done, sanding done, a haircut done, (Sarah H if you're reading this, it was Elizabeth!) people celebrated love, and Ben got home before 5. 5:00, people! I loved it. Goodnight!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stay Family Current Events

Here is the low down on what we're up to these days. Be warned-we are boring!

Benjamin:-Ben is working loads of hours right now, which nobody loves, but even when he gets home late and doesn't get to hang out with James at all and he's tired and still has to get up really early and do it all over again...he hasn't complained or been cranky. Not even once. :)

-Ben has been doing all sorts of handy-man things, which I find very attractive! Haha...he's learning a ton on his own and we have skilled family members in loads of different areas, (which helps) and I'm so proud of him for sticking it out. Most of the time I watch him and think, "how is he not frustrated and crying yet?" ...because that's probably what I would be doing.

-Ben has a new car! Yes,ladies and gentlemen, the Stays are a TWO CAR FAMILY now. It is kiiiind of super old, and you would laugh at what we paid for it, but he knows the previous owner and we know it has been well taken care of. It's been a huge blessing to have two cars this busy season. Most of the year Ben rides the bus to work, but with busy season he needs a car. I'm so happy not to be stuck without a car this go around!

-Ben is loving his Daddy role. I have to excuse myself to find some weakness tissue to dry my eyes quite often because I think it's so touching to watch the two of them bond. One of my favorite things to do is sit and watch the two of them play. I love them both so much.

-Ben is serving as the Asisstant Young Men's Advisor (or something) and gets to work with the Priests in our ward. (The 16-18 year old boys.) It means a lot to him to do a good job. And he is.

-GOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLF! Warmer weather is rolling in, and the green is calling Ben's name!

-I'm having a lot of fun working on this townhouse of ours. I can't believe we've never posted any pictures of it. I'll try to get on that. Right now I'm working on our kitchen. Wall paper removal proved to be trickier than killing Lord Voldemort, but I'm in the clear now. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I turned a room in my basement into a salon, so I do hair while James is sleeping or with a babysitter. I LOVE it so much. Still one of the best choices I've ever made.

-I'm the ward librarian and an activity days leader, which is SO FUN. I love it. I'm in the library with one of my dear friends, Ie Li Z. FYI-it actually does NOT help to kick and wish an evil death upon the copy machine when it jams. For any Virginians reading this, Sr Schiraldi (you know her as Sr Allred) is my Activity Day partner, I'm LOVING IT!! She is just so amazing.

-I am in love with my husband, and I love my son. I feel like I don't have adequate words to tell you how much.


-It breaks my heart and fills it at the same time, but he's going to be two at the end of May. I just want to know who pressed the fast forward button on my life.

-James talks SO MUCH. I'm always amazed by the things he can remember.

-If you ask him what song he wants to sing, he will almost always say, "I am child God!". He's also a big twinkle twinkle fan. My favorite is when he makes the diamond with his little fingers.

-James loves to dance around the kitchen with me while listening to Glee music and Justin Bieber. So cultured at such a young age. :)

-He's started pointing out his emotions, which just makes me laugh. Sometimes when he cries he'll say, "saaaaaad" or he'll say, "scared!"

-These are a few of James' favorite things:
-garbage trucks...garbage days are a huge deal in this house
-firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars...if we hear sirens James gets very quiet and whispers one of the three with reverence and respect :) It cracks me up
-FedEx (feggex) and UPS(GPS)
-grapes and strawberries, he generally always remembers to say please when these things are on the table
-vacuum cleaners...this is a long time obsession and if we are at Target or Wal Mart he always asks to go see the vacuums. When we get to the Vacuum area he just says, "whoa."

That was a lot. Oh well! I hope everybody has a happy Monday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love this!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Office Visit

James and I met up with Ben for lunch last week, and it was so fun! Ben showed us around his office and then we went and ate lunch together. (I'm pretty sure James was the only toddler within a two-mile radius.) Ben is championing through the dreaded "busy season" right now, and since James goes to bed at 8, Ben can go a few days without seeing him awake. It was so nice to get to see Ben in the middle of the day! I also really liked seeing Ben's cubicle, which had James' face staring back at me on the screen saver.

James looks a little unsure in this picture, and I don't blame him. It was really quiet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here are some pictures!

This isn't a post about anything, just proof that we're alive. :) Here are some pictures:

Heathen James:

Heartbroken when we had to come inside.

James still has blue eyes, maybe they'll change, maybe not.

Sledding in Boston-James is not a fan.

(I am in love.)

Love that little James-boy profile!

These range from November to now. I'll try to get better about putting up photos and STEAM STAYS updates!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Does anybody own a Shabby Apple dress? I don't. But I do look at their website and drool over their dresses...and if I had oodles of money, (I don't) I would spend it all there. My friend let me know that Shabby Apple is giving away a free pair of earrings to people right now just for posting about their favorite dress. How awesome is that? I love you, Shabby Apple. Here is mine:

Brown and White Giraffe Print Skirt White Shirt Dress- Fifth Ave

I feel pretty just looking at this dress. I love the pleats at the neckline and I dream about running around in this dress and a pair of high to the heaven burgundy heels.

The thing I really appeals to me about Shabby Apple dresses is that they're all modest. It would be so nice to just put on a dress and not have to worry about whether or not I have a clean cami to put under it. (Life is tough.)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

James' idea of potty training:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My good friends at Poison Control

I've called Poison Control twice since James has been with us, the second time being yesterday morning. James came up to me saying, "yummy?" like he had put something in his mouth and was starting to rethink it. He was moving his tongue around and I was worried he had found a bug and tried to eat it or something. When I knelt down I noticed a coating of something white-ish on his lip, and then I realized that he had a half empty tube of super glue in his hand. It had been completely full, and upon further inspection, I saw that James had indeed pumped half of a tube of super glue into his mouth. His tongue had a hard coating on it and I could feel it on several of his teeth. Nothing was stuck together though. We don't have internet this week because we're switching providers, (right now I'm using it via Ben's phone) and I didn't have the number to poison control saved into my phone. (I do now...two times needing it finally got me to just program it in.) I called Ben at work and said, "wfinqw!@&^sidINEEDYOUTOLOOKUPTHENUMBERFORPOISONCONTROLoiwjf!!!!#(*& I called and explained, and a very nice man calmy told me that it was no big deal and I didn't need to worry. I just needed to put olive oil on his toothbrush and gently rub the glue off. He assured me that swallowing some would not harm him, he just might have some irritation on his skin. It came off easily and I guess I believed the man when he told me for the 57th time that no harm would come from swallowing some.

What's that, you ask? Don't I watch my child? Yes! He's juuust that good. I had been tickling him seconds before he brought me the bottle. Seconds in which he found the bottle, punctured it with his teeth and squeezed it into his mouth...and then decided he didn't like it but couldn't get it out. He's like a ninja, that one. Speed and stealth.

Has anybody else had to call poison control? Or am I the only one?

So now you know...if your kid eats super glue...olive oil and a toothbrush. Works miracles. Mostly though...just try not to let your kid eat super glue. :)

Happy Thursday!