Thursday, September 30, 2010

camping trip

We went camping last weekend, and it was the best.thing.ever. Ben took Friday off and Thursday afternoon we drove to Bull Run Regional Park to camp. This particular campground held special interest for me because it is right next to the First Battle of Manassas. That was where Jackson stood "like a stone wall". Cool, right? I think so. James does too. Anyways...James hung out in the pack n' play while we set up the tent and then we ate our tin foil dinners. I LOVE CAMPING FOOD! We were kind of worried about how James would do with sleeping since he would be in a tent, I was expecting him to wake up all night. We have a four man tent, so we set his pack n' play up in the tent and after dinner, we put him in it and he fell right to sleep. He didn't wake up once...what a champ. Just like his mom on road trips! Ben and I spent the rest of the night sitting by our fire, eating s'mores and talking. It was the best thing in the world and I loved it so much. Here are some pictures of Friday morning:

We had planned on hiking around the battlefield the next day, but we decided to save that for another day when we would enjoy it more. We forgot our pillows at home, so I think James got better sleep than us. We were instead we came home that afternoon and took a two hour nap. Booyah.