Monday, August 9, 2010


Today is the day we celebrate the birth of Sarah Katherine Terry Porter, soooo this is a tribute to her awesomeness. Behold:

Sarah and Rachel

Sarah was the Prom Queen at her senior prom

3 Terry sisters-Me, Sarah, and Rachel

One of Sarah's many summer dance camps. One summer she spent several weeks in NYC for a summer intensive...she's such a big deal!

Sarah is the tutu in the middle, isn't she beautiful? She's been about an bajillion different roles in different performances in different styles of dance, including the Sugar Plum Fairy and bomb

{Photography credit for the next two:}
Add Image Isn't she crazy gorgeous? I'm seriously so proud of her...she's such an incredible dancer.

In 2009 Sarah Terry became Sarah Porter and married my amazing new brother, Jayce! They do amazing things, like hike Timp and camp out waiting to take care of people that get hurt along the way. (Jayce is a part of TERT)

Sarah is one of my all time best friends. Even though I'm the older sister, I've learned everything from her. Next to our Dad, she's the most selfless person I've ever known. We talk in movie quotes together, which I really can't do as well with anybody else. She snorts when she laughs, and she makes it look good. I love you so much, bebe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!