Monday, July 19, 2010

tricky tricky

Ben noticed that one of our Wii remotes had gone missing, and we couldn't find it to save our lives. To make matters worse, it was my favorite remote, the pink one. (gasp) I made dinner for a group on Friday, so I pulled out my biggest pot to start cooking. Here's what I found:

Tricky tricky, James. I guess I really have to look EVERYWHERE if I can't find something from now on. Well played, sir.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

James' Birthday! (...was over a month ago!)

We're waaay behind on family events here, but just go with it. :) May 27th was a big day in our little family. James Terry Stay had his first birthday. (So weird.) This post is for James' birthday, so if you don't want to hear me talk about how cool it is being his mom, you should just stop reading and look at the pictures! We drove to Boston to spend time with Mama and Pop Stay on James' actual birthday, so we had a little party at our place on the 26th. Ben (aka THE GRILLMASTER) made some burgers and hot dogs for everybody and James opened up his presents. He got some awesome toys from everybody, thank you all SO MUCH!!! He seriously loves them! We went all out and got him a cardboard box. Yeah...just a box. I stuffed it with packing paper and wrapped it with gold paper, then taped it all up with packing tape so it's basically indestructable. Big spenda! Right now it usually serves as a parking lot for his sweet cars, a drum, and a chew toy. We're just happy he's easy to please. We also got him his cute little swim suit. Picture time:
  • Delicious cake, recipe courtesy of my rockin sis-in-law, Megan. (Sorry it's sideways.)

  • My family came, as well as the Schmutz family. Ken Schmutz is my Dad's cousin, and they moved with their six kids to the area nearly a year ago, which has been sooo fun. I don't have any first cousins, so having the Schmutz fam around is awesome. Love them!

  • Check out the food in this picture. We're just doing our part to keep America healthy.

  • We thought James would go to town with the cake, but he turned out to be healthier than we are. He wasn't a huge fan.

  • Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jayce came all the way from UT :-)

Being a parent has blessed our lives so much. I am a huge emotional sissy now, and I blame that on James and Ben. I married Ben in May 2007 and I had James in May 2009 and with those experiences I've become more and more like the women I used to make fun of for crying over everything. My capacity for emotion has increased and I think I feel things more deeply now. One change that caught me off guard is my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Right after James was born, I was holding him and I felt a rush of love for the little person I had been carrying for nearly nine months. I felt scared for the trials he would face and I wondered how he would handle them. I felt the need to protect him and take his difficulties away from him, but I knew that I couldn't. Mostly I knew that I was going to love him, no matter what. Then it felt like my world shifted a bit and I realized that THIS was the love Heavenly Father felt for me. I just felt extremely loved. I felt really stupid, because I'd always known that he loved me, but loving James had changed the way I felt that love. Ben and I have had the most amazing year of our lives with James, and we've been blessed every single day. Happy birthday, sweet baby James. :)