Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures and quick update

Sorry we haven't updated in a while. We updated our picasa album with some new pictures that can be seen by clicking here. They start with Rebekah's graduation from Bon Losee, but here are some highlights.

Here Rebekah is happily clocking out for the last time. This was a week and a half before James was born.

Here's our "Big Papi" as Crystal calls him. He'll be a Red Sox fan for life I'm sure. I prefer to call him "Big Poopy". He weighed in at his 2 month check at a little over 12lbs. I don't remember the other stats but he was in the 75% for weight, 50% for height, and 70% for head circumference. We don't generally realize how chucnky he's getting except when we look at pictures.

On Sunday we blessed James. It was a little intimidating to be honest, but the Spirit was very strong. My parents, Crystal, Rachel, David & Talia & Kathryn, Bobby, and Rebekah's parents were all their to show him their support and love. We loved seeing all of them and getting to spend time together. We love them all and are grateful that James has such great examples to look up to.

The move out here was crazy, but I had great support from my old roommate Dave. His parents were so kind to let me crash at their place again. We drove straight through from Omaha to Virginia. My other roommates (Jeff, Brett, Jon, and Lowell) joined up with us for our scheduled brocation in DC for the fourth. We had a great time getting together and hanging out. It was great to catch up with everyone. Until next time! You can check out a little rock out session on facebook Brett, Jeff, and I had while we were together.

My awesone cousin Jason also came out for a visit. We got to go downtown a few times and see almost all the sites and also got an extra special treat by going on a sweet trip to Gettysburg, PA to truly see all that happened there. It was great to have him out here for a visit and we hope to see him and his family again soon.

My father-in-law was kind enough to take me to a Nationals game in their incredible new ballpark. I know it wasn't Red Sox, but I truly enjoy America's past time. We had a great view of downtown where we were. Other than that I've decided to dedicate full time to studying for the CPA exam. I'll be taking my first section Aug. 12 (BEC). Rebekah has been working on projects around the house and is hoping to get certified very soon to start cutting hair out here.