Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby video, pictures and Ben's summer update

This is a video edited and narrated by Rebekah.

Click HERE for a link to more photos for those interested.

As far as an update on my summer goals. 1) Studying for the CPA exam hasn't happened yet. I have been accepted by the Virginia Board of Accountancy to sit for the exam, and I have gone through the tutorials on how to get started. I have decided to wait until Virginia to start really studying. The next unit is scheduled to start mid-July, so that's my new goal.

2) Watch 24...DONE! All 7 seasons baby! We're actually caught up to date because the 7th season came out on DVD half way into our blockbuster pass we had for a month. Pretty sick, we know, but it really is addicting. It brings to mind something about "wasting the days of your probation", but with our schedules out of whack thanks to the new family addition, it's been a nice filler.

3) Beat Call of Duty. Probably not gonna happen. I have played a little Wii but I keep getting drawn into Madden '08. Good stuff. Haven't played in about a month or more.

4) Play golf. The last day I was supposed to go golfing was the day James was born. My friend Neal and I were supposed to go to this great course in Midway, UT. Some other time. My friend Ian and I should be going sometime soon as well. I have gone enough to feel satisfied though. One of the places we're looking at in VA is right by a golf course and apparently you get a discount for living in the town. We'll see if that works out.

Other than that I have worked a couple times with a friend at church who owns a landscaping business. It's been nice to pick up a little work and get a work out at the same time. The pays not great, but it's beats what I get paid for watching 24 ;)

Rebekah looks great! She's been getting out more and more and feeling better every day. I'm really proud of her. I never knew recovery was as difficult as it was. She's amazing!

That's it from us.