Sunday, April 5, 2009

Greetings from the wife...

HI! Despite what you might think after Ben's first post, I'm not actually anti-blogging. I've just been procrastinating making one because I didn't want to have to worry about updating one. I've been working around 50 hours a week at school so when I'm home, updating a blog is pretty low on my priority totem-pole. I'm glad Ben took the time to set this all up!

A quick update on the life of Team Stay...

We are in our last stretch here in Provo. Ben is taking classes at BYU, where he'll finish this month with his Masters of Accountancy. (He really likes taxes...) He's rrrrrrreally excited to be done and I'm so proud of him! I'm finishing up at Bon Losee, a cosmetology school here. I LOVELOVELOVE IT. Ben graduates in April, I graduate in May and we're expecting a son June 8th. Also...we plan on moving out to the DC area at the end of June/start of July. We're tired and more busy than we've ever been, but couldn't be happier! :)

I'll try to update this more often, we'll see how it goes...

p.s-As far as Ben's last post, I should just throw something out there. Benjamin is a dirty liar. As far as we know, I only have one baby in there. April Fools :) Sorry Sarahbearah!


  1. Ohhh I like the new look here! Rebekah's been decorating!! You guys do sound super busy... no wonder we keep playing phone tag! I think I'm IT....

  2. Hey! Welcome to blogging! I just started last month also - but I'm more worried about my life being too boring to blog about, than time issues right now. You guys sound busy! Hope that the kid doesn't come before you guys graduate or something!

    Add me to your blog and I'll add you to mine, deal?

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! Its a super easy way to keep updated with EVERYONE! Congrats on the baby and Im glad to hear you guys are doing well!

  4. Hi Guys!
    I'm so glad you guys have a blog! :) That's so exciting you're going to be moving back East! Good luck with everything you have coming up! :)