Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to get kicked out of the family:

A few weeks ago my sister-in law Michelle came in to get her hair colored. I was under the impression that she just wanted to be strawberry blonde until I showed her the color book and she pointed to a bright red-purple shade and smiled. I'm talking carnival colored. We had a chat about how she might not be able to take tests at BYU if I did that shade on her blondes, and she decided to go with a dark brown-purple. After a solid 15 minutes of me asking her if she was POSITIVE about it, (all the while crossing my fingers that she would do it) we got started.

By this point, I think I had asked Michelle about 230754 times if she thought her parents would disown me. She just sat there knitting and smiling and saying, "Naaaaaaaah...". After the color finished processing we gave her a quick trim and voila:

Blonde Michelle is now purple-haired Michelle. Can I just say that I am so excited that Michelle wanted to do somehting fun? I LOVE HER VIOLET HAIR. She works it like a rock star, and yes, she is still testing-center approved. :) It was such a huge change and I love it I love it I love it. So far I'm still allowed to be a Stay. As Michelle reminded me, Ben has had his hair red, orange, blue, green, and various blonde shades. (Bishop Meldrum loved that about Ben's youth.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Greetings from the wife...

HI! Despite what you might think after Ben's first post, I'm not actually anti-blogging. I've just been procrastinating making one because I didn't want to have to worry about updating one. I've been working around 50 hours a week at school so when I'm home, updating a blog is pretty low on my priority totem-pole. I'm glad Ben took the time to set this all up!

A quick update on the life of Team Stay...

We are in our last stretch here in Provo. Ben is taking classes at BYU, where he'll finish this month with his Masters of Accountancy. (He really likes taxes...) He's rrrrrrreally excited to be done and I'm so proud of him! I'm finishing up at Bon Losee, a cosmetology school here. I LOVELOVELOVE IT. Ben graduates in April, I graduate in May and we're expecting a son June 8th. Also...we plan on moving out to the DC area at the end of June/start of July. We're tired and more busy than we've ever been, but couldn't be happier! :)

I'll try to update this more often, we'll see how it goes...

p.s-As far as Ben's last post, I should just throw something out there. Benjamin is a dirty liar. As far as we know, I only have one baby in there. April Fools :) Sorry Sarahbearah!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A surprising OB visit

This morning Rebekah went in for a visit and the Dr. did another ultrasound just to be sure everything was ok and the baby was doing ok. However, the tech soon discovered that we shouldn't be worried about the baby, but rather...the BABIES!!! This is what she found!

It's hard to see (which is probably why it wasn't caught earlier), but the tech pointed out Twin A and Twin B. We're going to have twin boys! Both seem healthy and fine and are still growing strong. We are really excited about this, but we know it will be a lot of work.

For those interested in our baby registration:

We have finally registered. We decided to go to Babies R Us which has most of the bigger things we were looking at. A lot of the items we registered for are available at various stores. For clothes, anything funny, related to rock and roll, or sports is great. I suppose extremely cute would work too, but let's think manly here. I personally like this Weezer onesie and we think these pacifiers are pretty funny particularly the "bad to the bone" one and the "born to rock" one. You may not agree with our tastes, but hopefully we'll have a girl later that can be dressed as cute as you'd ever want.