Saturday, February 4, 2017

James started swim team in August and we could not be more proud of him!  He's been dedicated and has really worked hard to meet all of his goals.  He recently participated in his first swim meet and loved the experience.  He swam the 8 & Under 25 freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke, as well as the 50 breaststroke, which he swam with kids of all ages.  Breaststroke is his favorite by far, followed by the butterfly.  The meet was about 3.5 hours long for us, but you can catch the highlights here:

25 meter breaststroke (James is the second swimmer in from the left)

25 meter butterfly (James is the middle swimmer)

This event was probably my favorite because it was the last one he swam and the difference in his comfort level the start of the meet and the end was huge.  He went up to the block to dive for butterfly and actually started doing pushups and dancing around.  He said he just had a lot of excitement to get out.  :) this point we had been there for hours and Jonny and Lucy were can hear Lucy crying in the background.  To their credit, they spend hours on pool decks and are pretty darn patient about it.

25 meter freestyle (James is the second swimmer in from the left)

We are so proud of this kid!

Friday, February 3, 2017


Every January, Ben has a really busy stretch at work.  This year a bunch of his male coworkers decided to grow beards, then shave them into mustaches...

We got SNOW!  

We double bagged Lucy's feet with rubber bands because she doesn't have boots :)

James was here:

Lucy was here:

James reading to Jonny

What would January be without a little sickness for Lucy?  Seems to be a constant.

January has been good to us!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

 It's December, but I wanted to go ahead and finish the post about our trip!  Don't judge me!  It was one of my bucket list trips, so I have to document it here!  We drove to Pigeon Forge, TN and went to Dollywood.  Dollywood is Dolly Parton's theme park.  It's set in the Great Smokey Mountains, which could not be more beautiful...I was blown away.  

I started loving Dolly Parton because of her roll as Truvy in Steel Magnolias, one of my favorite movies.  When I realized how many of the songs I knew that were actually written by her I started paying more attention to her music.  Now I'm a big fan.  She was raised in a tiny log cabin with her 10 (I think?) siblings.  To think of everything she's done blows me away!  She is a huge personality and I just love her. 

Dollywood has rides, a water park, a steam engine, a bald eagle sanctuary, a recreation of Dolly's Tennessee mountain home, Dolly's former tour bus, lots of shows,and my personal favorite--Chasing Rainbows.  Chasing Rainbows is a basically a Dolly Parton museum.  She has some of her awards there, information and items from her life, costumes, HANDWRITTEN get the picture.  First off...when you enter the museum, you're greeted by a talking, singing DOLLY PARTON HOLOGRAM.  I was dying.  The other amazing part of the park was seeing the show, "My People".  It's a musical that includes a lot of her family members to show what life was like for the family growing up in Locust Ridge, TN.  It was so good!

Shall we kick off the photos with this gem of these cuties on the Busy Bees? Ok.

Hooray for Dollywood!

 You guys!  This pie weighs 25 pounds!


Looking around Dolly's old tour bus...


 Listening to some Dolly Parton!

This trip was bucket list is officially shorter!  

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chimney Rock Hike

The day after James' birthday, we drove drove a couple of hours to Chimney Rock.  This was part one of a two part bucket list weekend.  We had heard about the beautiful hiking to be found at Chimney Rock, and I had an additional motive--
The last 17 minutes of this movie were filmed there.  We watched this movie a lot growing up and it is one of my all time favorites.  So!  Let's continue...

Here is the view of Chimney Rock from the ground.  Chimney Rock is the little chimney sticking out from the mountain on the left.  

To get to the top of Chimney Rock, you basically trek right up a lot of stairs.  Lucy really wanted to do them herself, she had her little hand reaching as high a she could on the hand rail and kept saying, "Ok!  I got it!"  and "Good job, Mommy!" So funny. beautiful are these mountains?

 I was really glad we started the day with Chimney Rock, because the rest of the hiking was pretty level and easy for the kids to do.  After Chimney Rock we hiked to Hickory Nut Falls.  This hike was special for me because it is where The Last of the Mohecans was filmed.  


You used to be able to hike the trail they were on, but it's no longer an option.  Hickory Nut Falls is in the film, and it was a beautiful hike.

Little Lucy and her carrots...she loves to eat them down to the ends and then grab a new one.  Weirdo:)

James looking for gold :)

It was honestly one of my favorite days.  In closing I will leave you with this clip, which Terrys quote a lot.  Too much?  Not if you're a Terry.


Also this: